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Suspension analysis

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Topic: Suspension analysis
Posted By: Yashpawar1
Subject: Suspension analysis
Date Posted: Jul/28/2020 at 8:36am
I have done the design of the front A arms but i am stuck at the analysis that is how to put the hard points in the lotus suspension software from solidworks because we dont know the origin ?? I searched it everywhere but couldn't get can anyone explain it. Can anyone please explain?????? Please be quick

Posted By: Fire Bud
Date Posted: Aug/04/2020 at 3:17pm
This could be a bit tricky, since we've usually made the geometry in Lotus first (using Lotus' predefined templates). Then, after we are satisfied with the suspension's behavior, we enter the points into our CAD software.
Lotus uses a wacky coordinate system. +X points toward the rear of the car, +Y to the right of the car (from driver's perspective), +Z up.
(Smack in the face of SAE's convention: +X forward, +Y right, +Z down).
For some reason, Lotus will only let the origin be ahead of the front axles.  I don't think it will let you change the CSYS position to, say, the rear wheels or the CG.  I think it defaults for some reason to 4m or so in front of the car...???  I can't verify if this is the case all the time, though (I'm mainly answering from memory; I need to contact Nigile about updating my license Big smile).

Posted By: Yashpawar1
Date Posted: Aug/14/2020 at 4:09am
Thanks for your response
I tried something different .By keeping 0( zero ) in any of the coordinates of hard points i got a point in front of the vehicle which is origin in the lotus software,but again how to calculate this distance front the chasis is difficult .Ill try again

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