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Force Selection for FEA

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Topic: Force Selection for FEA
Posted By: mmaloneyx2
Subject: Force Selection for FEA
Date Posted: Dec/10/2019 at 7:29am

I am junior at my respective university and have not taken my 400 level engineering classes yet. However, I have been with my BAJA team for a couple years now and have been tasked with running the FEA on some suspension components for this years design. Each year I have sat through design presentations, everyone's reasoning for force selection has been lacking. Before I dive into literature, I was wondering what a conservative method is for force selection? I am mainly concerned with impact from another car and general forces like compression/tension on trailing arms through acceleration/deceleration. I am running my FEA through solid works for reference.

Thanks in advance.

Posted By: RLM
Date Posted: Dec/10/2019 at 7:56am
youre going to want to dive into that literature. calculating your theoretical max loads is the only way to do it properly. sit down with a sketch pad and draw out different ways that a force could act on the system and then determine approximately what the magnitude is of that force and add a safety factor. I would recommend setting up the FEA using multibodies and modeling the entire system together (Quarter car systems). this will give you the most accurate results as well as you will not have to calculate the load on individual components. 

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