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Swapping Gear Sizes in a Gearbox?

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Printed Date: Jul/17/2019 at 5:06pm

Topic: Swapping Gear Sizes in a Gearbox?
Posted By: Kyri0923
Subject: Swapping Gear Sizes in a Gearbox?
Date Posted: Sep/24/2018 at 1:42am
I don't see any threads discussing the idea, so has anyone seen this or know of any topics discussing it?:
I want design our gearbox this year with sliding bearing carriers on the output shaft, allowing me to swap in a slightly smaller or larger output gear to change the overall ratio. I figure I'll make 5 gears total, 2 on either side of what we decided is ideal, then swap and test them. This is our first year with a dedicated test engineer, and we've already got a pretty solid design from last year, so the next step would seem to be this kind of tuning/refinement. Thoughts?

Posted By: RLM
Date Posted: Sep/24/2018 at 8:19am
Very easy to do, you just cant change them once you get to comp. between different comps is fine though. one year we had designed for the Wisconsin course which has some hilly parts, then for the Epreuve du nord which is quite flat, we switched out the second reduction for a larger pinion and a smaller driven gear resulting in more speed on the flatter course. 

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Posted By: Kyri0923
Date Posted: Sep/25/2018 at 8:09am
Excellent RLM, thanks. Can i ask, did any of your shafts need to move when you did this, or did you use diameters such that c to c didn't change?

Also, has anyone tried accomplishing the same thing by combining a single reduction gearbox with a chain drive?

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