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Fuel Tank Mounting Rules

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Topic: Fuel Tank Mounting Rules
Posted By: Adam E
Subject: Fuel Tank Mounting Rules
Date Posted: May/12/2018 at 11:05pm
Hello, I was wondering if anyone had some clarification on the new rules regarding the fuel tank mounting tabs. Specifically the edge thickness dimension.

The Tech Bulletin 2018 -3 from April 26th states that the edge distance be no less than .25" (measured from the edge of the bolt hole to the outside edge of the tab) while the revision D of the rules book released on May 1st state that the maximum edge distance is .25" measured the same way.

I would assume the newer rule book would be the specification to follow, but the Tech Bulletin is still up on the SAE website. I will be submitting a clarification request through their site as well but wanted to check if anyone here had gotten a response before I did so.

Thanks for the help


Posted By: RLM
Date Posted: May/14/2018 at 7:38am
Yes, Submit a rules question, though common sense would say that there is a typo in the newest release of the rule book and that they meant to follow the bulletin and say minimum 0.25. this rule was added due to broken tabs at Maryland from my understanding. specifying a maximum thickness would not solve this problem.

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Posted By: Adam E
Date Posted: May/14/2018 at 12:55pm
I would make the same assumption myself, except if the distance specified is any larger than .25" it will interfere with the tank, forcing creative use of washers and or shaving down a bracing section of the plastic. You're probably still right and I suppose I'm mostly just bugged that I've got to redo the whole thing over a difference of 40 thousandths on a 10 gauge tab.

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