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2017 Race in the Desert: Sunset Showdown

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Topic: 2017 Race in the Desert: Sunset Showdown
Posted By: El Geffe
Subject: 2017 Race in the Desert: Sunset Showdown
Date Posted: Sep/25/2017 at 8:12pm
You're invited to join the University of Arizona for the 2017 Race in the Desert!

I'm Geoff from the University of Arizona Baja Racing Team. We are planning an unsanctioned endurance race over Veterans' Day weekend on the 11th, in southern Arizona. After the race we'll have a BBQ, bonfire, a chance to socialize, and games. Teams can camp out with us or grab a hotel near the track if needed.

There will be an unmodified class with as close to SAE regulation rules as possible, and a Superclass with modified Briggs 10Hp engines racing a 4 hour endurance race at the same time.

We're bouncing around the idea of also having a short night race, but that would require teams to install headlights and reflectors on their vehicles. Let me know if there is interest in this!

Feel free to contact me a if you have any questions. I will be posting updates on here soon!

Posted By: Brad SXT
Date Posted: Sep/25/2017 at 8:50pm
I'm a fan of night racing! Be safe!

UofL Baja Alumni
Midnight Mayhem track design
Sometimes Livestream Announcer Guy
Design judge every once in awhile

Posted By: El Geffe
Date Posted: Sep/27/2017 at 8:20pm
Hey Everyone!

Here are the rules for the event regarding your vehicles! Let me know if you have any questions!

The event will start Saturday morning (11/11/17), with the endurance race starting around 1:00pm and ending when the sun sets. If there are enough Night Race participants, it will run for one hour, starting shortly after endurance ends. All rules mentioned below will be regulated by race officials, who will have final say over all decisions.

Main Design Regulations
 Frames must follow BAJA SAE official design rules of 2010 and newer.
o We will accept tech-inspection stickers on vehicles 2016 or newer, please bring verification for older vehicles
 Towing points are needed on front and rear of the car
 Any indents compromising the frame will be judged by an inspector who has final decision on repairs
 All vehicles need to have complete body panel coverage on the outside of the car from the regulations of SAE rules
 All frame joints need to have a complete/finished weld with no edges showing on weld attach points

Engine Regulations: SAE Class
 Unmodified, four-cycle, air cooled, Briggs & Stratton 10 HP Vanguard or Intek Models
 No engine modifications are allowed in this event
o No modified exhaust
o Fuel tank ID number: 799863
o Governor set to 3,800 rpm (nothing faster)
 Hybrid engine designs are not allowed along with no electric boasting components
 We suggest a fuel spill pan or some kind of drainage system or miss spilled fuel, but it is not required

Engine Regulations: Superclass
 Four-cycle, air cooled, Briggs & Stratton 10 HP Vanguard or Intek Models
 All modifications have to reported to tech inspectors, with all decisions left to inspector

Night Race Regulations
 Headlights with separate power source for continuous power with killed engine
 Retroreflective tape must be attached to the Side Impact Member, Front Bracing Member,and the Aft Bracing Member to insure visibility.
 Only SAE Class vehicles are permitted

Electrical Set Up
 Two kill switches
o First needs to be in easy reach of the driver
o Second kill switch at rear top corner of the back end of the vehicle
o Both kill switches need to connected to the motor and either one will kill the engine immediately
 One brake light
o Needs to have power entire race if powered by secondary source
 Any secondary power sources need to be factory made and not personally made
 All wires need to be sealed with no loose connections

Safety Requirements
 Required racing gear is found in the BAJA SAE rules under “Driver equipment” of 2017 year regulations
o Helmets must to be Snell SA 2010 or newer with no serious damage to the outer edge of the helmet
o Wrist restraints are required
 Refueling requires the engine to be turned off and driver out of car
 Fire extinguisher is required in every vehicle registered for the race, and one is required to be in hand when refueling or working on the vehicle
 All work requiring a tool must be performed in the pit area

Geoff Angle
10 Cup Racing

Posted By: El Geffe
Date Posted: Oct/16/2017 at 8:51pm
Hello Y'all,

By now you've heard of the event we are planning for the 11th of November. It will be held 10 miles east of Gila Bend on BLM land. Since we will be operating on government land all the Baja cars must have spark arresters, and be driven by a licenced driver. There will be a 4 hour endurance race on a 8.3 mile track where the car with the most laps wins, and a night race on a 10.5 mile track where the car who finishes 2-4 laps (TBD) first wins. The road to the track is not technical, and we should be able to get trailers and most cars within a mile of the track. 

We will provide the chase/tow vehicles for the endurance race, but feel free to bring along any UTV, Quad, dirt bike, or trophy truck you have lying around. We're trying to get a hold of a MyLaps tracker, so dig out those transponders. If you don't have enough for the cars you're bringing, or if we can't secure a tracker please have a volunteer to count laps for your cars. The two classes we will be running are a SAE "stock" class, and a Super Class, where engine modifications are allowed. Both classes will run endurance on the same track at the same time. The rules are detailed below.

For those of you who want to run in the night race, there are a few special requests I must make. Since it is only a couple lap course, and because it is at night, each vehicle is required to have its own chase/tow vehicle provided by your team, and have radio contact. I don't want anyone breaking down out there and getting lost out there. The night race is restricted to SAE Class Baja and has a few special rules detailed below.

What I need from you. 
Please reply to with the following:
  • What school you are with
  • If your team is still interested in attending
  • How many Baja cars you are registering to race
  • What events you are registering them for:
    • SAE Endurance
    • Super Endurance
    • SAE Night
  • About how many team members/spectators are you bringing
  • How many t-shirts you want to purchase for the event for the event
The Itinerary is as follows:
10:00 Arrive by or before to set up
11:00 Start Tech inspection
1:00 Race Start
5:00 Race Ends
6:00 Tech for night race
6:30 Start night race
7:45 closing Ceremony

Geoff Angle
10 Cup Racing

Posted By: Klugs
Date Posted: Oct/17/2017 at 1:49pm
Hello All,

I've set up the race tracks for next months race using google earth. Enjoy the pictures of the tracks below. The day race track is ~9 miles, and the night track is ~14 miles.  

Posted By: Tony Rivera
Date Posted: Oct/18/2017 at 4:43pm
Image didn't come through correctly.
Can you try again?

Tony Rivera

Arizona State University
Team Captain 2009-2010

Local Motors Vehicle Systems Engineer

Posted By: El Geffe
Date Posted: Oct/19/2017 at 6:58pm
Hey Y'all!

Here is the track layout. Sorry it didn't work the first time.

Geoff Angle
10 Cup Racing

Posted By: Klugs
Date Posted: Oct/24/2017 at 11:12am
Hopefully you guys have begun modifying your Briggs engine for the superclass race. We fired ours up for the first time last night. Can not wait for November 11!

Sorry, video was taken on a 19th century potato.

Posted By: Tony Rivera
Date Posted: Nov/14/2017 at 12:43am
Did this happen? Anyone have any pictures?

Tony Rivera

Arizona State University
Team Captain 2009-2010

Local Motors Vehicle Systems Engineer

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