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Need help modeling Polaris splines

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Topic: Need help modeling Polaris splines
Posted By: sweeneyp
Subject: Need help modeling Polaris splines
Date Posted: Jan/21/2015 at 10:40am
Hey everyone,
So we're using '12 Ranger Diesel Front CV axles (have them already) for our car this year and making a custom gearbox. Everything is done except for modeling the splines for EDM'ing. And that's the problem...

I've been trying for days now to get the spline modeled correctly. I've even contacted a few places around here that would cut the spline and their gear software was unable to model it correctly. Does anybody have some software that can model splines accurately? I'm kinda stuck at this point now.

The specs are below (spline B)

And encase the image doesn't show up:
ANSI B92.1 External Involute Spline Fillet Root Side Fit (Hardened)
NO. of teeth: 22
Pitch: 24/48
Pressure Angle: 45*
Pitch Dia: 23.2816
Major Dia: 24.341/24.087
Minor Dia Min: 22.225/22.000
Class: 6
Pin Dia: 2.032
M.O.P. Roll: 26.68/26.63
M.O.P. After H.T.: 26.70/26.64

Has anybody ever had luck getting a dxf of the spline or something like that from Polaris?


The odd EE that does baja

Posted By: lryan
Date Posted: Jan/21/2015 at 11:09am
I've gotten good results with the Camnetics software. I found it to be the most simple and easy to use spline/gear generating tool. However, I haven't had any parts made with it yet, as our EDM shop has always just asked us to supply the halfshaft and they would measure and cut accordingly. 

Here is the link for the software:

You can email them about getting a trial version which I believe has almost all the functionality of the full version. 

Posted By: sweeneyp
Date Posted: Jan/21/2015 at 12:41pm
Dude, your awesome! I didn't know that company had trails, I had found them before but the cost scared me haha. That software is amazing, gave me both internal (what I needed)  and external (what I have) drawings and cad that match the Polaris specs. Thanks a ton, this really helps.

Yeah, our cutter said he would test fit on our CV we have, but not match it manually. I guess I can have him cut this spline out on a washer to test fit before he does the whole thing.

The odd EE that does baja

Posted By: lryan
Date Posted: Jan/21/2015 at 12:48pm
Our EDM company suggested doing something like that for some non-standard splines we will have cut (Grob Splines to be specific). He suggested just cutting through something like 1/8" so that it would be fast yet give you an idea if you had you dimensions correct.  

Posted By: RLM
Date Posted: Jan/21/2015 at 11:49pm
you can do it in autodesk inventor free student edition availabe from their website. we matched the polaris RZR XP900 splines that we use. we get ours done at a gear cutting company so for gettting the spline cut, we juct give them the info polaris posts.  

doing it in inventor is easy though. we use solidworks for everything else. just export from solidworks to .STP then import to inventor, apply spline using design accelerator tools, export to .STP, import to solidworks and run feature recognition. 


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